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Gryffindor Radio first sounded in 2012, when the Gryffindor Tower held a fair on the occasion of the Day of Open Doors 2012, and since then has not interrupted its activities, having managed to conduct a huge number of broadcasts, both purely faculty and at the interschool level. Usually revolutionary ideas are here broadcast to overthrow the dean, jokes and anecdotes are joked, and they twist their favorite music.

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Among the songs on the airs there are often genre rock, folk, anime soundtracks and songs from musicals, especially from "The Last Trial". In the priority group Bi-2, Mill, Spleen, Agatha Christie, Shush & Ignashka and others. Leading speakers are any non-engaged Gryffindor, the broadcasts are both spontaneous and planned with a fine selection of songs on the occasion. There is always an order table.

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